The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem
Background Check

the FMOBLeft to Ritht: Jenny Smith, David Mider, Hunter Darby,
Robbie Araiza, Charles Nelson Reilly, Julie Lowery

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This is Our Biography

The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem are a music-making group from Austin whose songs pop, cry, amble, wheeze, swoon, whine, bellow, and dream. The members are long-time scene trollers from the Wannabes, Javelin Boot, Wayouts, Service Industry, Diamond Smugglers, among others, with Julie Lowery on vocals, Hunter Darby on bass guitar, Jenny Smith on violin and vocals, David Mider on drums and vocals, and Robbie Araiza on guitar. The collective emission sparkles with tuneful hooks, worships at the altar of melody, and is entrenched in a sturdy rhythmic foundation. Julie Lowery's voice makes men, women, and boys cry as it mingles with multi-gender harmonies, soaring strings, and tasty guitar outbursts.